Appoint a teacher

Use EdPay to add a teacher who is either new to the school or is starting a new job at the school.

The new teacher may also require:

  • a salary assessment. Send the salary assessment form as soon as possible, with certified copies of supporting documents. A salary assessment has a 15 working day turnaround, from the time it is submitted to Education Payroll.
  • KiwiSaver enrolment
You'll need the new teacher's
  • contract details
  • date of birth
  • IRD number
  • funding and department codes
  • allowance information
  • KiwiSaver contribution details

Send your new teacher's forms with their appointment letter

Send any required forms to the teacher with their appointment letter, so they can be set up in the payroll in time their first pay day. Include a covering letter that explains what to complete and provide a timeframe for them to return the forms

See the Payroll calendar to determine the cut-off date for instructions in their first pay period.

Checklist of tasks

  • Ask the teacher to complete the EdPay Employee Details form 
  • Ask the teacher to complete a IR330 - Tax Code Declaration from Inland Revenue. Also see KiwiSaver for a new employee. You don't need to send these forms to Education Payroll, but you will use the information to set up the new teacher in EdPay, and keep them on file for your own records.
  • If the teacher (including day relievers) requires a salary assessment. See the information about Salary assessments
  • See advice about overseas teachers qualifications (NZQA website)
  • Check the teacher's registration details against their practising certificate. See Registration
  • Use EdPay to add the new teacher. See Add an employee
  • Once the submission shows as successful in your EdPay activity history check all personal financial and contract details are correct.
  • If you have more than one form to email to Education Payroll for this employee, it is essential that you attach only one form to each email.

Use the following format in the subject line:

Form number, Employee name, MoE number, School name, School number

Example: NOVO7t Jane Doe, 0123456, Sample School, 01234

See Sending forms

Your new employee will appear on your next SUE reports. For any further changes make a pay details change in EdPay. See Employees details changes

Need help?

See Contact us page.

Record keeping

Keep the following forms in the teacher's file:

  • Original IR330 tax declaration form
  • Copies of KiwiSaver and salary assessment forms, if applicable.

See Payroll record keeping for more details.


See EdPay and forms to download forms and for guidance on completing forms.

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