MOE number

An employee's MOE (Ministry of Education) number is a unique number, which is assigned to them when they are first added to the Education Service payroll. Note that this is not the same as a teacher's registration number.

The MOE number is used by Education Payroll, (who administer the Education Service payroll) to identify the employee. It will be required on most forms to ensure that changes are made against the correct employee.

The MOE number remains the same when an employee moves to a different school.

Getting an MOE number

If the employee does not yet have an MOE number, because they have not previously been paid by Education Payroll, or they were not paid for at least two years prior to August 2012, leave the MOE number field blank when completing their NOVO1t/NOVO1nt form.

Education Payroll will assign an MOE number, and advise the school of the employee's new MOE number and the date of their first pay. Forward this information to the employee.

Payslip passwords

The MOE number is also the password that the employee will enter to access payslips that are emailed to them. EdPay requires a 7-digit MOE number. If an MOE number is only 5 or 6 digits, add zeros to the front, eg 12345 becomes 0012345, and 123456 becomes 0123456.

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