Add an employee

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Use EdPay to add an employee to your school’s payroll, including teachers who will work as day-to-day relievers for the very first time.

You can download the EdPay Employee details form to collect information from the employee.  

Setting up new relief teachers

When setting up a new relief teacher in EdPay, some info will be pre-populated and some fields deactivated. If under Contract details the Employee position is: Primary, Area or Secondary – Relief teacher and the Tenure is: Short-Term Reliever, then:

  • the hours, designation and job funding fields will be pre-populated, and
  • the RTLB host school name and number and allowances sections are deactivated because they are not applicable for relieving jobs.

Step 1 Click on Add an employee then Preliminary questions

Note: if you begin an add employee submission but don’t have time to complete it, the details you have entered will be saved as a draft, accessible through the Activity History.

Step 2 (Onboarding - if employee provides MoE and IRD numbers)

If the employee already has an MOE number and IRD number, then entering these will automatically load the employee’s personal and financial details, taking you directly to the Contract Details page. The personal and financial details can be edited once the employee has been added to your school’s My Employees list.

Note: to change the personal or financial details for day-to-day relievers, please submit a NOVO3.

Step 2 (New hire - if employee has not provided MoE and IRD numbers)

If the employee has not provided an MOE number and IRD number, you will need to complete their personal, financial and contract details.

Step 3 Check the Summary page before submitting

If  you are unable to submit, make sure you have completed all mandatory fields. These will have a red highlight if information is missing or incorrect. 

The Print Page button enables printing or saving as a PDF. The pencil symbol button returns you to a page for editing.

Step 4  A record of the transaction can be viewed in the Activity History. A successful status means that the employee has been added to your My Employees list. A submitted status means that the instruction has been sent to your payroll advisor for processing.