How to

This 'How to' section provides context and guidance for completing payroll tasks throughout the year.

Start the ACC Process

ACC - How to guide instructs you how to correctly place an employee on ACC Leave.

Fortnightly pay

Fortnightly pay describes the payroll tasks that schools need to complete each pay period to ensure that their employees' pay and entitlements are accurate and paid on time.

Leave management

Leave management describes how to book and manage leave to balance the operational needs of the school with the individual needs of employees.

New appointment

The New appointment section describes what needs to be done to make sure new employees are paid correctly from their first day.

Retirement savings

The Retirement savings pages give instructions for providing KiwiSaver information to the Education Payroll Service Centre for new and existing employees.

Payroll record keeping

The Payroll record keeping pages explain retention requirements for pay records.

School audit

The purpose of the School audit is to check and certify the SAAR to verify that the people named were employed by the board and that the amounts paid to them are correct.

End of Year/Start of Year

End of year

Start of Year

Salary Assessment

The Salary Assessment Unit (SAU) assess the annual base salary of new, foreign and returning teachers working within the New Zealand state sector.

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