EdPay and forms

Many tasks can be done in EdPay without needing to send a form and we are adding more functions into EdPay over time. On the EdPay and forms page you'll find all the actions can be completed in EdPay without a form, and all the actions that require a Smart form to be completed, along with links to the latest versions of each form.

Access and authorisation forms

Use these forms to add or remove an authorised user of EdPay

Salary assessment forms

Use these forms to request a salary assessment, additional qualifications, service increments and childcare credits

EdPay employee details form

[PDF, 1.2MB]

Use this form to gather information you need to add a new employee in EdPay. You don't need to send this form to Education Payroll, this is for school internal use only. If you are having trouble downloading a form or need help to complete payroll instructions, contact the Education Payroll Service Centre.