Bank accounts

Employees are paid by direct credit into a NZ bank account. Payments cannot be made into debit or credit card numbers or overseas bank accounts.

Employees must specify one main bank account. We no longer offer split disbursements.

Change bank accounts

For changes to bank account details in time for the current pay period, you must make the change in EdPay by 5pm day 13 (Monday) of the pay cycle for their main pay.

For changes to bank account details in time for the termination pay or out of cycle pay runs, these must be made by 5pm day 14 (Tuesday)

For any changes requested by NOVO3 form, these must be submitted by 5pm day 6 (Monday)

Employee type Instructions
Relievers submit the details on a NOVO3 form as you will not be able to make changes for them in EdPay.
New employees enter the details of their bank account when you add them as a new employee in EdPay. If there is a prior bank account on file, we will replace it with the new bank details you have provided.
All other school employees go to: EdPay > My employees > select the employee > Financial details > Bank account > Edit and Save

EdPay uses the standard NZ bank account format. Digits 1-2 are the bank, 3-6 the branch, 7-13 the bank account and 14-16 the suffix. Some accounts have a 2 digit suffix, some use 3, with a leading zero.

Record keeping

Keep a copy of the bank deposit slip (or a bank communication that clearly shows the bank account number) for each bank account that an employee's pay is paid into. See Payroll record keeping for more details.

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