Information for relievers

Your payroll responsibilities

As an employee, it is your responsibility to ensure that you:

  • know your payroll responsibilities and how they align with other responsibilities
  • keep informed and up to date on payroll matters
  • provide accurate personal pay-related details to your employer(s)
  • provide accurate and timely timesheet information to your employer(s)
  • check that your information and payments made are correct, notify your employer of any errors, and assist in the resolution of those errors where required.

Your payslip

Payslips are emailed every fortnight. If an email address is not provided, the Education Payroll Service Centre posts a payslip only if the net pay changes.

Your email payslip is password protected – use your MoE number. If you can't remember your MoE number, you can find it on a previous payslip, or ask the payroll administrator at a school where you have recently worked. This is NOT the same as your teacher registration number.

EdPay requires a 7-digit MoE number. If your MoE number is only 5 or 6 digits, add zeros to the front, e.g. 12345 becomes 0012345, and 123456 becomes 0123456.

Note: The word 'Stopped' on your payslip indicates the last date for which you have been paid in the current pay period. Because your timesheets mostly cover the previous pay period, often only a couple of the days you worked are in the current pay period. Any dates paid in the current pay period but worked in a previous pay period will show as 'Arrears'.

Holiday pay

Holiday pay is calculated as part of your daily rate and is therefore included in the gross daily figure. A message in the notes section of your payslip tells you how much of your pay is holiday pay.

Short-term relievers

A teacher who is a fixed term employee who relieves in a position for which the tenure at the time of appointment is known to be not more than three weeks and includes relievers employed on a day-to-day basis. Teacher employment agreements state that day relievers must be paid for a minimum of two hours per day if they are engaged by a school. 

Change personal details

To change your personal details in EdPay, ask a school for which you have recently worked to send the appropriate form to the Education Payroll Service Centre. This includes:

  • Contact addresses or phone numbers
  • Email address: This is the address that your payslip will be sent to.
  • Bank account(s): There must be a main account, but you can request fixed amounts to be paid into other accounts. There is a 25c fee each pay period for each additional bank account.

Questions about your pay

If you have any questions about your pay, contact the payroll administrator at the school to which your question relates.


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