Correct pay errors

You may find pay errors in the 1st or final SUE report. here are instructions on how to amend them.

Correct errors in 1st SUE report

The first SUE report is available to download in EdPay on Friday (day 10) at 9am. This should be checked as soon as possible for any pay errors.

  • If your 1st SUE report shows transactions with pay errors, you will need to send in an EP31 to request a SUE adjustment from your school payroll advisor. SUE adjustments can only be made to payments that have already been entered and are visible on the SUE report.
  • You must send the completed EP31 by 5pm on Friday (day 10) for adjustments to be processed during the current pay period. Corrections submitted after this cut-off will not be processed until the following pay period. 
For more information see: How to submit a SUE report adjustment
  • If there are transactions that you did not enter into EdPay before Thursday 5.30pm (eg timesheets or paid leave) and they are not showing on your 1st SUE report, they will not be paid for this pay period unless you apply for an out of cycle payment to be made.
  • Out of cycle payments can only be made to correct an error made by Education Payroll, or to prevent employee financial hardship
For more information see: How to submit an Out of Cycle payment
  • For transactions that have not been entered for the employee before the cut-off on Thursday (day 9) at 5:30pm, (eg a DDR timesheet for Friday)  please enter these into EdPay, and the employee will be paid in the following pay period. Please let your employee know if this has occurred.

Cut-off times for corrections

If you identify errors in the 1st draft SUE report, you must make corrections before the following cut-off times:

  • 5pm on Friday (day 10) for corrections to the 1st SUE Report for the current pay period (paid on day 14)
  • 12pm on Thursday (day 2) for corrections to be processed as an Out of cycle payment (paid on day 3)

Correct errors in Final SUE report

The Final SUE report is available for checking at 9.00 am on the second Tuesday (day 14) of each pay period. See Check and file final SUE report for more details

  • If an underpayment has occurred and cannot wait until the next pay period, an out of cycle payment may be appropriate. See How to submit an out of cycle payment (OOC)
  • If an underpayment has occurred and can wait until the next pay period, enter the details into EdPay and advise the employee that they will receive payment in the next pay period.
  • If an overpayment has occurred, advise your payroll advisor using an EP31. They will advise you on next steps, as the payment has already been made to the employee.  See Overpayments and Offset forms for more information

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