Timesheets FAQs

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Can I input timesheets at any time? Yes. The system is available 24/7, except when a pay is being run and access to EdPay is restricted, or when there is a scheduled outage. Please check your Payroll calendar for cut-off dates.
Can I enter timesheets for future dates? No. You can only enter timesheets for current or previous pay periods.
Where do I enter single timesheets? Select the employee from the EdPay employee dashboard and open the timesheet modal. See our Training page for instructions. You can use this for single or multiple employees and entries.
Can I submit payroll instructions for a lot of staff at once? Yes. In the EdPay modal, you can add new employees by typing their name or MoE number in the search field and submit the group entries. Or you can use the NOVOtsx time sheet template (in CSV format) and upload it to EdPay when completed.
Can I print bulk timesheets to check our entries? You need to complete your in-school checking process before entering timesheet entries in EdPay, as they will submit instantly. Once you have submitted all entries, you can download a CSV file from the Timesheet overview screen to check against your SUE report.
How do I know the timesheet I've sent has been received? You can see in the EdPay timesheet overview that the timesheet has been accepted. They will show as Pending or Paid.
How are additional hours or allowances treated? Additional hours and allowances are entered in EdPay. Select your employees from the employee dashboard, then open the timesheet modal to enter in additional hours or allowances. Ensure you have the codes correct. The dropdown menu provides the codes for payments that the employee may be eligible for as per their collective.
Can I pay part-time teachers for day relief? Part-time teachers who work extra time in their role are paid additional hours, not day relief. Enter in EdPay or send a NOVO20t form.

If the part-time teacher is relieving in a role other than their own position, you need to send a NOVO15t form to Education Payroll for these day relief hours.
If a part-timer temporarily increases their hours, how do I input that? A part-time teacher who works extra time in their role is paid additional hours. Enter in the EdPay timesheet modal or send a NOVO20t form for additional hours.

To change a teacher's base hours, complete a pay details change in EdPay or complete a NOVO2t form. You will need to complete another pay details change when their hours reduce again.

Refer to the employee's employment agreement, as this will vary.
Some relievers have three roles in a day - can I copy information so I don't have to re-enter it? No. You will need to re-enter their name or MoE number into the EdPay timesheet modal, and re-select the hours and appropriate funding code. You can submit multiple entries for the same reliever at once, just re-enter their name in the search field before submitting. 
If a timesheet non-teacher works different hours for a period of time how do I enter it? If they remain a timesheet employee, you can continue to enter timesheet hours as normal in EdPay, showing the different hours worked.
If a timesheet employee is working set hours for a period of time within the same position, you can make them an auto-paid term-time-only employee. Make a pay detail change on EdPay. You will need to complete another pay details change when their hours reduce or they become timesheet only again.

If the hours they are working are in a new/different position, complete an onboarding request in EdPay for their new job.
Can I change a timesheet if we discover an error? As the timesheet hours entered in EdPay will submit instantly, you cannot amend them online. If you need to make a change after it has been posted you need to send a EP31 form to the Education Payroll or call your Payroll advisor and ask their advice.
I have entered all the details into the timesheet, but EdPay won't send it - why? Some part of the timesheet hasn't been completed correctly. First you need to check your entries and the error message (see Information for relievers for more about the 'total hours exceeded' message). If there is still an issue after checking, contact us
Why can't I use the 'End Date' in the timesheet modal when paying day relief? You can only enter one day at a time for day relief due to system requirements, so there is no need for an end date on the timesheet (it is greyed out to indicate this). 

Where can I select the department code and the funding code, on the timesheet? In the dropdown menu for 'Funding/Department' in the timesheet modal, you will see the codes and descriptions. Choose the department code you want, under the heading of 'Bulk Grant' or 'Teacher's Salaries'. Your selection includes both the funding and department code. You will only be able to select the valid funding/department code for the paycode you have entered.

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