How do we add or change allowances in EdPay?

From your employees screen, click on the name of the employee whose allowance you want to add or change. Scroll down to 'Allowance entitlements'. Press the + button. EdPay will advise if the allowance can be done online or has to be submitted via form.  See the training page for more information.

Can we see a teacher’s allowances in EdPay?

It depends on your access level. For example if you are a school-wide administrator you can see all salaries and allowances. You can find an individual’s allowances in EdPay under their Job Details tab. Allowances also show on your SUE report.

Does the employee need to sign anything for units, retention payments or similar?

If an employee has just accepted a position of responsibility with units etc, both the school and the employee need to sign an agreement about the payment. This is retained by your school.

How do we enter Recruitment retention and responsibility allowance (RRR) details?

For primary schools, the allowance has a set rate, so you can enter details for the RRR allowance under the employee's Job Details screen in EdPay.

For secondary and area schools, the RRR allowance is not rated, so use a NOVO16t form. The rate must not exceed the rate of a salary unit (currently $4000pa). The same per annum rate must be applied to all employees who receive an RRR payment. 

How do we enter a Tiaki allowance?

Event based allowances for support staff are entered in the Timesheet modal in EdPay. See training page for more information.

How do we split units for teaching staff ?

Units cannot be split.

The only exception is under Clause 3.12.1 (b) (i) of the Primary Teachers' Collective Agreement, which allows schools with an entitlement of three or less units to split a fixed term unit between two staff. This can be advised on a form by using code UFFH.

Units can be shared between two job-share employees.

How do we add Ministry of Education (MoE) concurrences in EdPay?

You need to send a copy of the MoE concurrence and the relevant form to Education Payroll.

How do we claim Bus controller allowance?

See Bus Controller Allowance on the Ministry of Education website. These must be submitted on a NOVO39t.

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