Employees can be paid allowances. If an employee has accepted a position with an allowance entitlement, the school and employee will need to sign an agreement about the payment and file a copy of this for their records. 

Adding, changing or checking allowances  

To add or change an allowance in EdPay. See Allowance changes (EdPay training) 

 Event-based allowances such as the Tiaki allowance, are entered in the Timesheet screen in EdPay.  See Timesheets (EdPay training).

Auto-paid allowances can be checked in EdPay on the employee’s Job details screen and in the SUE report. 

For more detailed information about different allowances, allowance codes and Start of Year allowances see the links below:

Allowance For teachers For principals Notes
Associate teacher  Y

Bus controller's Y Y Primary principals and pre 2011 area school principals only
Careers advisor Y
Area and secondary schools only
High priority teacher supply  Y
Secondary schools only
Priority teacher supply Y
Primary schools only
Area schools' priority teacher Y
Area schools only
Higher duties Y

Māori immersion teacher Y Y
Māori immersion teacher additional Y Y
Middle management Y

Pacific bilingual immersion teaching allowance
Y Currently this allowance is eligible to primary principals on the PPCBU collective agreement.
From 28 January 2024 this will be extended to teachers and principals under the area, primary or secondary school teachers' collective agreements or the area, primary and secondary school principals' collective agreements
Recruitment, retention and responsibility (3R)
Area and secondary schools only
Isolation Y Y Primary and area schools only
Staffing incentive Y Y
Concurrence for principals
Normal/model school Y Y Primary schools only
Chatham Islands Y Y Chatham Island schools only
Grandparented service increment Y
Also available to non-teaching staff

Codes and Start of Year allowance summary

Units can only be split under clause 3.9.1 (b) (i) of the Primary Teachers' Collective   

The only time a unit can be split is under Clause 3.9.1 (b) (i) of the Primary Teachers' Collective Agreement, which allows schools with an entitlement of three or less units to split a fixed term unit between two staff who are in an approved full-time job share position. This can be advised in EdPay or on a NOVO2t or NOVO16t form by using code UFFH.