How to submit an out of cycle payment (OOC) 

  • Out of cycle (OOC) payments can be submitted from 5.30pm Thursday (day 9) until 12pm Thursday (day 2) of the following pay cycle, using a EP31 (formerly a NOVO31)
  • Please submit one EP31 for each employee
  • They will be assessed by the school account team, and if the out of cycle criteria are met, will be processed then paid on Friday (day 3) of the pay cycle
  • OOC payments will generate a separate payslip and be clearly identified in the first SUE report on day 10 of the following pay cycle

What qualifies as an out of cycle payment? 

The only out of cycle payments that can be made are: 
  • to correct an error made by Education Payroll Limited
  • to prevent employee financial hardship 

The EP31 email subject line – important 

When submitting an out of cycle payment, it is essential that the email subject line says:  
Out of cycle payment (employee name, MOE number)

This is used by the School Account Team to easily identify tickets requesting an out of cycle payment, so that they can be assessed and processed in time for payment on Friday (day 3) of the pay cycle.