Recover an overpayment

An overpayment is when an employee receives more pay than they are entitled to. If you see in your final SUE report that an employee has been overpaid:

  1. Send an EP31 form outlining details of the overpayment to the Education Payroll Service Centre with OVERPAYMENT (employee name, MOE number) in the subject line.
    Provide any relevant ticket numbers or transaction details on the EP31.Provide as much detail as possible to assist the payroll advisor.  

  2. Your payroll advisor may contact you to request further information and discuss options. They will let you know if you need to take any action to prevent any further overpayments.
    Your payroll advisor may request an offset form signed by the employee, or they might refer this to a specialist team to recover the funds See: Overpayments and Offset forms for more information

  3. The Overpayment Support Team will contact both the employee and the school about the recovery of the overpayment.

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