Jury service

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What happens when a part-time staff member is called up for jury service? A part-time worker must repay the jury allowance relating to their normal work hours - but they are entitled to keep payments for other hours. Education Payroll records the leave, but the school must arrange with the employee for repayment.

Backdated payments

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Can we backdate payment instructions - for example backdating an MU or MMA to the start of the year? Salary or allowance payments are payable from the date the employee commences in the role that attracts the payment.

Send the appropriate form to the Education Payroll Service Centre.
Backdating a payment by one term requires Ministry approval.


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How will Alerts work for contracts due to expire (bring-ups)? There are no bring-ups, but you can view all fixed-term employees in EdPay.

Education Payroll stops the pay for employees on the occupancy end date entered into EdPay, so it is important to have the correct end date for all fixed term employees. The school needs to either extend the end date, to ensure they continue to be paid, or terminate the employee in EdPay, to ensure that they are removed from the payroll when their employment ends.

Final pay will not be generated unless the termination is completed in EdPay or a NOVO6 form is sent to the Education Payroll Service Centre.

Cut-off times

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Can we add instructions after cut-off times? The cut-off times are set so that instructions appear in the 1st draft SUE report, and corrections appear in the 2nd draft SUE report. This allows time to check and correct them before the pay is run. See Cut-off times for pay instructions for further information. From time to time instructions submitted after the cut-off time may be processed, but this cannot be relied upon.

You will be advised by an Alert on the homepage of this website when EdPay is not going to be available. Otherwise, you can enter instructions at any time 24/7. You need to be aware of key dates, so you don't miss the cycle. See the Payroll calendar for dates.
Can I print out a payroll calendar for the whole year? Yes. See Payroll calendar for a link to a PDF version of the payroll calendar for the current year.
If payroll instructions need changing after the cut-off, will they still be actioned for that pay? Incorrect instructions can be corrected before the pay is run if you correct them before the correction cut-off times. See Cut-off times for pay instructions for further information.


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Who calculates overpayments and sends out letters? Overpayments are worked out by the Education Payroll Service Centre. They are then sent to the Overpayment Support Team, who will contact the employee and principal by letter. See Recover an overpayment for further information.

Split funding - department codes

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Can we split an employee's pay into two or more departments? The salary of an employee who is paid on a regular fortnightly basis can be split into two or more departments.

Public holidays

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How are public holidays handled - do we have to enter something or is it done automatically? It depends on the employee. For employees paid on a regular fortnightly basis, you don't have to do anything, they will be paid according to their regular hours, or their entered work pattern.

If a non-teacher doesn't work that day and they have a work pattern/roster entered, you don't need to do anything. They will not be paid for that day.

For timesheet staff you need to submit a timesheet in EdPay Online. Public holidays are paid automatically at Christmas, so you don't need to submit a timesheet.
At Easter, if an employee gets 5 weeks' leave is 1 day's leave automatically deducted for the Easter Tuesday? No. You must enter the annual leave for that day.


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What is the process for KiwiSaver? For a brand new employee, you can enter Kiwisaver information in the EdPay 'add employee' form. If they are already in the Education Payroll system, once the 'onboarding' is successful, you can amend their contribution rate in EdPay

For other Kiwisaver instructions, e.g. an existing employee starting to contribute, or setting up a contributions holiday, your employee will need to complete a NOVO29 form and attach the appropriate KiwiSaver form (available at

Send the original form to the Education Payroll Service Centre and keep a copy for your school records.
What happens if we forget to send in the forms for KiwiSaver, or send the wrong ones? The Education Payroll Service Centre will email your school if the KiwiSaver forms are missing or incorrect when you ask them to load a new employee. In this case, send a NOVO29 form.


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Does EdPay action payments? Yes. The Education Payroll Service Centre manages the ACC process for employees, on instruction from ACC. See ACC EOY (Invoice to Schools).