How do I apply for a salary assessment?

The Salary assessment application portal (the portal) is the easiest way for teachers to apply for a salary assessment.  

Before applying for a salary assessment, you'll need to gather your supporting documents and information.

1 Your education sector logon (ESL) username and password You need this to log in to the portal. Your school applies for an ESL on your behalf so talk to them if you haven't received this.
2 NZ teacher registration number, start and expiry dates If you're not yet registered as a teacher in NZ, you can still apply for a salary assessment if you can provide certified copies of your qualifications. You will receive an interim salary assessment based on these, but you will need to provide your teacher registration to complete your assessment.
3 Overseas teacher registration number, start and expiry dates (if applicable)
4 Ministry of Education (MoE) number
This is your personal number issued by MoE, if your school hasn't provided your MoE number yet, you can still submit a salary assessment.
5 IRD number Your NZ tax number (not compulsory).
6 Email address of your school's principal and payroll administrator This is where your application will be sent for checking, certifying and approving, before it is sent to Education Payroll for processing.
7 Evidence of your qualifications This could be certificates, academic records or transcripts (if you hold a NZ Bachelor of Education).           

Qualifications info 
8 Evidence of previous relevant employment Statements of service are evidence of previous relevant teaching or non-teaching employment. When it isn't possible to get a statement of service, other evidence can be accepted. 

Paid employment in a NZ state or state integrated school does not require a statement of service as it will already be recorded in the school's payroll.

Statement of service
Other evidence

Training videos

The salary assessment process – submitting an application (video opens in 9.25mins

How to resubmit a salary assessment application (video opens in 1.30mins)

Applying for a salary assessment on the portal

Log in to the portal with your Education Sector Logon username and password. There is a link to the portal in the purple box on this page.
2 Complete all the steps in the portal. Upload copies of your qualification and work experience documentation when prompted. 

list of steps from the portal to complete an application

3 After you submit your application, your school will be emailed with a request for the principal to log in and sign-off your application.
4 If you've uploaded any documents that haven't yet been certified, arrange a time to show your principal the originals so that they can certify them in the portal while they verify your application.
5 After checking/certifying your documents and signing-off your application, the principal submits the application to Education Payroll Ltd (EPL) to be processed.
6 EPL will email you confirming your pay rate or requesting further information. Salary assessments are processed in 15 business days after it is received by EPL from the principal (if they do not require further information).
7 Log in to the portal to check the progress of your application

If you can't access the portal you can still use the EP7t form to apply, the information and supporting documents required will be the same. Go to EdPay and forms to download the form.

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