Info for principals and payroll administrators

This page has information for principals and payroll administrators about the salary assessment application portal (the portal) and process. 

Teachers can now apply for salary assessments online through the portal. This online process replaces the Salary assessment for teachers form (EP7t). The EP7t can still be used if needed, the information and supporting documents required will be the same.

After a teacher at your school applies for a salary assessment in the portal, the principal and/or school administrator will be emailed a request to:

  • check
  • sign-off
  • submit their application to Education Payroll (EPL) for processing.  


School administrator optional review (video opens in 3.06mins)

Principal: certifying and verifying the information (video opens in 6.10mins)

Logging into the portal for the first time

Principals will need to assign themselves the role of a Taku Authorised Payroll User in ESL, before they can access the portal.  

They will also need to assign the same role to the school administrator so that they can access the portal and complete the optional review. 

For instructions on how to do this see Adding salary assessment permissions to an Education Sector Logon (PDF, 295KB)

Once these permissions have been set up, you will be able to log into the portal using just your ESL username and password.

Principal sign-off

You'll need to complete the following steps before the assessment can be submitted (these steps will also be emailed to you).

  1. Arrange a time to sight the originals of any supporting documents that the teacher is including in their application, that are yet to be certified. There is no need to stamp and sign paper copies. Certification will be done in the portal as part of your sign-off, where you'll be asked to confirm that you have sighted originals of any documents that have not been previously certified.
  2. Log in to the portal via the link in the email with your ESL username and password.
  3. Check the documents are complete and accurately represent the qualifications and experience the teacher has included in the application (an optional review step can be delegated to a payroll administrator).
  4. Decide whether the work experience listed is relevant to their teaching curriculum and/or pastoral duties.
  5. Check that each work experience listed (that is not in a NZ state school) is supported with a statement of service or at least two forms of other evidence
  6. Verify and submit the application to EPL for processing.

This is an image from the portal showing the step where principals confirm they certify the copy of the teacher's documentation.

Optional review by a delegated payroll administrator

To save the principal time, the documents can be reviewed by a payroll administrator before the principal's sign-off. This will be to check that the documents attached to the application match the stated qualifications and work experience.  

To do this, the administrator must log in to the portal using their ESL.

Salary Assessment

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