Statement of service

A statement of service is the preferred form of evidence of teaching or work experience to be provided with your salary assessment application.

Paid employment in a NZ state or state integrated school does not require a statement of service as it will already be recorded in the school's payroll.

1. Confirm you need a statement of service 

If you have previous teaching or work experience that may help you qualify for a higher pay rate, you will need a statement of service from your former employer.

Check with your principal whether previous teaching or work experience is relevant to your new role before requesting a statement of service from a previous employer.  

2. Request a statement of service from your former employer 

Download the statement of service template, and email this to your former employer, requesting they complete it and email it back to you as soon as possible.  

Statement of service template

Statements of service should not have end dates that are in the future. If they do, then only the time worked up till the date the statement of service was signed by the employer, will be credited. It is a better idea to wait until the job has ended before requesting a statement of service so that all your service can be counted.

Previous teaching and relevant work experience is used to calculate service credits. The exact numbers of hours worked, or hours worked per week, and start and end dates must be provided. For more information about service credits go to How salary is assessed

3. Check all the compulsory fields are complete 

Incomplete statements of service are a common reason that assessments are delayed. When your former employer returns the statement of service, check that all information has been included.

  • their official letterhead 
  • your full name 
  • the name and location of the organisation that employed you 
  • your role and short, clear description of your duties 
  • exact start and end dates (dd/mmm/yy) 
  • employment type – full time, part time or casual 
  • total hours worked for casual 
  • total hours worked or hours per week worked for part time 
  • details of any unpaid leave – total days and actual dates
  • employer approval, including their: full name and role, signature and date, and organisation’s name and their email address. 

4. Submit your statement of service through the portal 

Log in to the salary assessment application portal (the portal) and follow the instructions. In the teaching service and relevant work experience screens you can upload your completed statement(s) of service. 

If you've uploaded a copy of a statement of service that hasn't yet been certified, arrange a time to show your principal so that they can certify it in the portal while they sign-off your application.

For manual submissions 

If you are unable to log in to the portal and your school is submitting an EP7t on your behalf, provide the school’s payroll administrator with certified copies of your statement of service and supporting documents. 

If you cannot get a statement of service from a former employer, you can submit other evidence 

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