Other evidence of previous employment

Two examples of other evidence of previous employment can be used in a salary assessment application if you were self-employed or if you cannot get a statement of service. 

The two examples of other evidence, when combined, must include this information:

  • employer’s name and address  
  • the position you held
  • exact start and end dates (if only month and year are given, the start date is the last day of the month, the end date is the first day of the month)
  • exact start and end dates  
  • employment type – full time or part time
  • hours worked – hours per week or total hours for the entire period (approximate, average or estimated hours won’t be accepted).

Examples of other evidence you can include (multiple documents can be provided):

  • employer reference that confirms info eg hours, start/end dates etc
  • accountant’s letter confirming the info above, eg the number of hours worked
  • payslips that match the dates provided and the employer
  • Inland Revenue record of earnings
  • bank statements showing previous employment
  • KiwiSaver statements showing previous employment
  • letters of resignation or employer’s acknowledgment of resignation.
If you are applying using an EP7 form, you will need to use this Other evidence template

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