This page explains how to add evidence of your qualifications into the salary assessment application portal (the portal). 

You'll need to upload copies of documents that provide evidence of your qualifications into the portal. Then you'll need to show your principal original versions of any documents that haven't already been certified, so they can certify them in the portal when they sign-off your application. 

Qualification documents can be: 

  • certificates 
  • academic records 
  • transcripts  
  • official confirmation letters from your education provider
  • My eQuals (My eQuals provide certified digital versions of NZ or Australian academic transcripts and qualification certificates, and these can be used in your salary assessment application go here for instructions)

They must show: 

  • qualification name 
  • date eligible to graduate (NZ)*
  • graduation date (overseas)
  • institution name.
*This is the date you are eligible to graduate once you have completed all the requirements of your qualification. It isn't the same as the date you graduated. In most cases the date you are eligible to graduate will be on your results transcript. If this date isn't on your transcript, you can request a letter from your institution which shows the date you are eligible to graduate.

International qualifications 

Most international qualifications need to be assessed by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) to find their NZ equivalent. 

However, if your qualification is on NZQA’s pre-approved international teaching qualifications list or Immigration New Zealand’s list of qualifications exempt from assessment your qualifications will not need further NZQA assessment. 

When checking these lists, please read all notes and special conditions. 

If your qualifications are not on the pre-approved or exempt lists, you will need to apply for an international qualification assessment (IQA), to determine your qualification group and entry salary step. 

Submitting your qualifications  

When you are ready to complete your salary assessment application, log in to the portal and follow the instructions on screen. In the NZ and international qualifications sections, you will be asked to provide qualifications details. Upload your qualification documents that can be certified, including your IQA if required.   

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