What happens after the principal submits your application

After the principal has signed-off your application, they will submit it to Education Payroll Limited (EPL) to begin assessing.

EPL has a 15-day turnaround time for salary assessments and will email you and your school to let you know the outcome of your application.  

There are three possible outcomes: 

  1. Final assessment – you will be paid on the new rate in the next pay period. 
  2. Interim assessment – you will be paid the new rate in the next pay period. EPL has asked for some more information from you before a final assessment can be made. 
  3. No assessment possible – your application didn’t have enough information to base an assessment on. EPL has requested more information from you so that an assessment can be made. 

If you receive an email asking you to provide more information

  • Log back in to the salary assessment application portal (the portal) with your ESL details.  
  • Go to My submissions and select your application.
  • Select the Update application with more information button. This will reopen your application so you can update as required, then resubmit.
  • The updated application will go to your principal for verification and approval, and then they will submit the application to Education Payroll (EPL).
  • You can check the status of your application by logging back in to the portal, this will tell you if the application is still with your school, or if it has been sent to EPL.
  • Once the application is received by EPL, you will hear about the outcome of your salary assessment within 15 days.  

How to resubmit a salary assessment application (video opens in Vimeo.com. 1.30mins)

Salary Assessment

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