My eQuals

My eQuals provides certified digital versions of NZ or Australian academic transcripts and qualification certificates, and these can be used in your salary assessment application if you provide a link to your My eQuals.

Many New Zealand and Australian tertiary education providers offer My eQuals to their learners. For more info go to My eQuals New Zealand

How to share documents via My eQuals 

  1. Log in to the My eQuals
  2. Select the document(s) you want to share by checking the box next to the record (a).
  3. Then select SHARE SELECTED (b).
Image showing My eQuals screen. Shows box next to documents to select and button saying share selected

  3. Select Generate a link to my documents (c).
  4. Do not complete these fields:
  • Email (optional) (d)
  • Access PIN (optional) (d)
  • Expiry date (optional) (d)
  5. Select SHARE (e)
eQuals screen. Title says Documents sharing, shows fields and buttons described in instructions.
  6. Select the field displaying the URL link to your documents (f) and select COPY LINK (g)
myequals screen title says ready to share, shows URL link to document and button saying copy link
  7. Paste the link you have just copied into the appropriate field in the qualifications section of the Salary assessment application portal.  

Or if you are applying using a EP7 form then paste the link into the appropriate section of the form, or into your email to the salary assessment team.

Salary Assessment

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