Create additional job

If an employee is already on the Education Service Payroll, working at your school or at a different school, and is appointed by your school to do an additional job, complete the relevant NOVO1 form to add the details of their new job. Ensure that you complete a separate form for each job.

Create an additional job

Set up the new job in the same way as a new appointment. See:

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Characteristics of jobs

If an employee has multiple jobs:

  • Their jobs may have different commencement dates.
  • Leave must be entered for each job separately.
  • Terminations must be done for each job separately.
  • Each job may or may not be annualised, if eligible.
  • Each job shows separately on the school’s SUE report and employee records.

The total hours for all teaching jobs should not exceed full-time hours.


The following examples show scenarios where a person may require multiple jobs to be set up in the payroll.

A part-time teacher is also a day reliever:

  • Job 1 Part-time teacher
  • Job 2 Day reliever

A person works as a clerical worker and as a teacher aide:

  • Job 1 Clerical worker
  • Job 2 Teacher aide

A teacher can be on LWOP (including maternity leave) from one job and take up a fixed-term position at the same or another school, and can do day relieving.

  • Job 1 Teacher (on LWOP)
  • Job 2 Fixed-term part-time teacher
  • Job 3 Day reliever

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When an additional job is not needed

If an employee has a part-time position and increases the hours of their current position, there is no need to set up an additional job. Instead, increase hours using the relevant NOVO2 form

There is no need to create separate jobs to split an employee’s pay across different funding and/or department codes. Instead, apportion the codes in Novopay Online or using a NOVO21 form.