Change pay details

Use EdPay to change these pay details for an employee:

  • Average hours per week or work pattern
  • Employment status
  • Designation code
  • Grade, step or pay rate
  • Extend a fixed-term end date

For annualised employees, changes cannot be made in EdPay, please send a NOVO24nt or a NOVO2nt form, see EdPay and forms

Step 1 Go to the My Employees screen and select the Employees Dashboard

My Employees drop down box, Employees Dashboard

Step 2 Click on the employee's name then select the job number to be changed

Screen grab Andrew, Marjorie select job type to be changed

Step 3 Click on the pencil symbol beside the job details section to make changes to the employee's pay details

Once open for editing, you make changes to the fields that show as white boxes, the grey boxes are fixed and cannot be changed 

Note: for changes to job funding or allowance entitlements please see applicable training guides

Step 4 Enter in the effective date for the requested changes to begin

Note: If this is a retrospective change for a decrease or change in hours, there may be an overpayment that needs to be dealt with. Your payroll advisor will advise you if this is the case and provide next steps

Step 5 Update the job details with the employee's new pay information. Check it against the instructions received

Step 6 Click SEND to submit your request

If any follow up is required you have two locations where you can check the status of your request:

1 Go to your My School tab and select Activity History

Screen grab My school Activity history

You can check the status of your request and see the task reference number here:

2 You can view the status of submitted requests (requests that need to be manually processed by your payroll advisor) on the employee's Job Details page

Select their name from the My Employees page and the applicable job number. Click the > arrow to expand the request and see the details

Note: You can amend a submitted payroll request by selecting the Edit button on the pending request. Change as needed and re-submit.