End of Year step-by-step process

This page takes you through the steps of completing your school's End of Year tasks.

Please ensure that any changes you need to make (school term dates, last day of duty or terminations) have been made before the End of Year screen closes automatically at 5pm Wednesday, 22 November.


Log in to EdPay

Use the 'Forgot my password' link on the EdPay log in screen, or your payroll advisor can help with this if needed.


Download your End of Year report and check the job information we have for your employees.

Go to: EdPay > End of Year screen > Summary tab > Download CSV 

This report is for your records only. You do not need to send this report to Education Payroll – it is to help organise your End of Year processing. 

Read more about the report here: End of Year report


Enter your school’s 2023 term 4 end date, and your school's 2024 start and end dates. 

Go to: EdPay > End of Year screen >School Term dates tab

Your school's term 4 end date cannot be changed after End of Year has closed at 5pm, 22 November.

Read more about School term dates

4 Terminate any jobs for employee's who are NOT returning in 2024. 
Go to: EdPay > End of Year screen >Terminations tab

Read more about Terminating jobs

5 Enter the date your term-time-only non-teachers and fixed-term teachers will finish working, if it is different to your school's term 4 end date.
You only need to enter a date if their last day is different from your school's term 4 end date

Go to: EdPay > End of Year screen > Last Day of Duty tab

Read more about Last day of duty

Have you booked annual leave for your 52-week workers?

This should cover any time during the term 4 break when these employees will not be working at school. 

For how to book leave in EdPay go to the training page:

Read more about Booking leave

Download a copy of your End of Year report and check all the information is correct. Save a final digital copy of the report for your school records. 

There is no 'EoY complete' button.

Go to: EdPay > End of Year screen > Summary tab > Download CSV