Booking leave

Download PDF [661KB, 2 pages]

Step 1 Begin on the Employees Dashboard 

Step 2 You can book leave for one employee or for multiple employees (if on the same Employee Dashboard page)

Tick the box next to the employee you are booking leave for, the blue plus icon will appear

Step 3 Click the blue plus icon 

then the leave icon

and you will see the leave booking screen

Step 4 Enter the leave details into the leave booking screen. If, for some reason, you need to delete a booking, click on the minus icon to the right.

Click the blue Submit button after checking all the details.

Step 5 Once submitted you will see the confirmation message

Step 6 Go to the Activity History to see a record of the transaction


Please complete a EP12 form for the leave booking and advise the hours and funding code (if applicable) in your email request for the following:

  • timesheet employee
  • terminated or lapsed employee
  • leave booked more than five pay periods prior to the previous pay period
  • any other leave where you cannot enter the details directly into EdPay
For any leave related to ACC, please complete the NOVO12acc form.