School term dates

Your school term dates must be correct in EdPay because that defines how your employees' holiday pay is calculated.

These are the Ministry's published term dates. You can use these, or your school can set its own dates.

2023 term 4 end date 2024 term 1 start date 2024 term 4 end date
20 December 2023 29 January 2024 20 December 2024 (this is a Friday, so you will need to be entered as Sunday 22 December 2024)

To update your school term dates:

1. Log in to EdPay using your username and password

2. Go to: EdPay > My Employees > End of Year screen > School Term Dates tab

3. Enter your school's term 4 2023 end date

If your school's end date is a Friday, enter the following Sunday in the End of Term 4 field. This ensures your teachers' salary is paid up to the Sunday, and holiday pay is paid from the Monday. 

Non-teachers who finish on the last day of school will be paid up to the Friday unless they are rostered to work on the Saturday/Sunday. Their annual leave will be paid from the Monday.

4. Enter your school's term 1 2024 start date and term 4 2024 end date. 

These are the dates your school opens and closes for instruction. If you don't know what they will be, use the Ministry's published dates.

5. These dates will auto-save in EdPay. They can be edited up until the End of Year screen is closed on 22 November 2022.