End of Year report

The End of Year report shows the information we currently hold about your employees' employment status, start and end dates for each job, last day of duty, termination dates and reasons for termination. This page explains how to check and update your school's report.

Downloading the report

You can download this report while the End of Year screen is open in EdPay.
(19 October - 21 November 2022)

To open your End of Year screen and download the report:
  1. Log in to EdPay and go to My Employees > End of Year screen > Summary tab
    The Summary tab will show you up to date information for any changes you have made in the End of Year screen.

  2. Click Download CSV to download, save and open the file of your End of Year Report

Understanding the report

Column Description
Commence Date The effective date of the latest change made to the employee's position in EdPay, which required a new occupancy to be created.
Occupancy End Date The end date loaded in EdPay for an employee's position.
Updated Last Day of Duty The last day on which an employee will work at your school at the end of the school year. These dates are used to correctly calculate holiday pay. This reflects what has been entered in the End of Year screen. 
Termination Date The date on which an employee is leaving the school or leaving a position. This reflects what has been entered in the End of Year screen. 
Termination Reason The reason for the termination, as selected in the End of Year screen. 


Once you've made your End of Year changes you should download and save a digital copy of this report for your records.


The End of Year report has a CSV file format. See CSV and PDF file formats.

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