Fortnightly pay

Education Payroll Limited, on behalf of the Ministry of Education, runs a fortnightly pay cycle for school employees. This section takes you through the tasks schools must undertake to ensure employees' pay and entitlements are accurate and paid on time.

The key to successfully managing the fortnightly pay cycle is to complete payroll instructions in good time, to check EdPay and SUE reports as soon as possible, and to correct pay errors before the cut-off times.

Fortnightly pay activities

For a pictorial view of the fortnightly pay cycle, see Fortnightly pay cycle.

This table shows the activities that must take place at your school for each pay period.

Time period Activity
Enter pay instructions as they come to hand, either in EdPay or via form, taking into account the cut-off times for online and manual instructions.
Enter payroll instructions.
Cut-off times for pay instructions.
Correct pay errors
Day 6

Cut-off for instructions submitted via EdPay or smart form that need to be processed manually by the School Account Team 

Day 9
Thursday 5.30pm
Cut-off for online EdPay instructions that are immediately processed (such as timesheets or leave requests) 
Day 10
Check the 1st SUE report available at 9am. Submit adjustments by 5pm so that incorrect payments can be corrected before the pay run. 
Check 1st SUE report.
Day 14 Tuesday Print and check the final SUE report, have it signed by the principal, and keep a copy for your records.
Check and file final SUE report.
After pay day If an employee asks for their payslip to be resent, see Resend payslip

If an employee has been overpaid, see Recover an overpayment.

The payroll calendar

See the Payroll calendar for payroll dates.

Cut-off days can change slightly around public holidays, so keep an eye on the payroll calendar around these times.

SUE report versions

Two versions of the SUE report are generated in a pay cycle. This table describes the terminology used to identify the versions.

Version name Description
1st SUE report Historically referred to as the 1st Draft SUE report.
Available on the Friday before pay day (day 10).
Final SUE report

Available on the Tuesday after the pay is run (day 14).
This reflects the actual pay run including termination pay and out of cycle payments. It forms part of the school's financial records.

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