Start of Year step-by-step process

  1. Download your Start of Year guide for full instructions.

  2. Download your school's SoY Report and Pay Ending Report to identify any changes for existing staff.
    Here's how

  3. Set your school's 2023 term dates
    Start of Year screen > School Term Dates tab

  4. Restart term-time only non-teachers and fixed-term teachers.
    Start of Year screen > Restart Employees tab
  5. Change hours for your part-time teachers or non-teachers (without a work pattern)
    Start of Year screen > Change Hours tab

  6. Submit any other changes to hours, employment status, allowances, leave or funding. Use either the Start of Year screen or your regular EdPay processes to make changes.
    Use the Start of Year actions tool to determine where to make the changes

  7. Set up new staff in EdPay and submit any teacher salary assessments if needed

  8. Terminate any roles in EdPay for employees who have not returned in 2023.
Watch the instructional video (5mins) for a quick overview.