Terminate job

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Use EdPay to terminate an employee's job

You will need to know:

  • Employee's last day of duty
  • Reason for termination

When terminating the role of a teacher at your school, please ask if they are moving directly to a permanent teaching role at a different school. If this is the case, the termination reason in EdPay should be Transfer. This is especially the case for teachers transferring halfway through the school year. Using TRANS as a termination code will mean that their holiday pay balance will transfer to the new school, and they will be paid correctly at the end of the year.


Please submit a NOVO6 form for job terminations for secondary principals, special residential schools and annualised employees (unless the annualised employee is ending their employment at the end of the school year or later). For more information, please contact your payroll advisor.

Don't use these reasons for ending the contract:

  • Bulk termination
  • Did not start

Step 1 Go to the My Employees screen

Step 2 Click on the employee's name

Step 3 Click on Terminate job

Step 4 Complete the process by following the instructions in yellow

Example 1

This is asking you to indicate whether an employee will have completed their regular hours in their last week of work—for holiday pay calculations.

An example could be a part-timer who works Mon-Wed each week. If their last day of work is Wednesday then yes, they will have completed their hours.

Example 2

This is asking you to indicate whether an annualised employee will have completed their working weeks, as outlined in their annualisation agreement.

As all annualisation agreements run from 31 January (current year) —30 January (next year), it is not possible to complete the annualised working weeks unless the employee finishes work at the end of the school year or later.

So if the job is being terminated before the end of the school year, answer no and submit a NOVO6.

Step 5 Make a note of any information or further action

A SUE report showing termination payments is available on day 1 of each pay cycle. It remains live until the day 10 SUE report (which includes these payments).

Step 6 See the Activity History for confirmation of the job termination, with a successful status meaning it has been processed immediately and a submitted status indicating that it will be processed by your payroll advisor. The job end date will also be recorded in the employee’s job history.