Start of Year screen

You will be able to complete some functions in the EdPay Start of Year screen, and the remainder you will need to do through your regular EdPay processes, or NOVO forms. 
Use this tool to decide which method to use.

Clock icon - used when a task must be done at a certain time.Timing

The Start of Year screens open on 8 December 2021 and close on 25 February 2022. You can continue to use them through the term 4 holidays, but you cannot use them to make changes for yourself, principals, annualised employees or other authorised users.

  • for the principal, complete the appropriate NOVO forms and send them to your payroll adviser.
  • for annualised employees, complete a NOVO23nt form and send it to your payroll adviser. See Annualisation.
  • for you and other authorised users, ask the principal to enter details in the Start of Year screen, or send the appropriate NOVO forms to your payroll adviser.

Computer icon - to denote system steps in Novopay OnlineNavigating to the Start of Year screen

  1. Log in to EdPay using your username and password, and click Accept & Login.

  2. Go to My Employees > click Start of Year .

  3. You can navigate between the tabs: Term Dates, Restart Employees, Change Hours, Summary

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