Start of Year allowance information

Employees may be eligible for allowances, as specified in their employment agreement. Some allowances automatically renew each year, while others will need to be added. For allowances that have no set rate an agreed rate must be advised on a form.

Some allowances need to be approved by the Ministry of Education, which will provide the details to Education Payroll.

Auto-renewed allowances

The following allowances will automatically renew at the beginning of each year for fixed-term teachers and term-time only employees once their job start date has been entered in the Start of Year screen:

  • 11% additional payment
  • Clothing allowance
  • First aid allowance (Support Staff collective agreement)
  • Grandparented clothing allowance
  • Grandparented General Industry allowance
  • Grandparented Service Increment
  • Qualification allowances (Support Staff collective agreement)
  • Service allowance (Caretakers/Cleaners/Groundstaff/Special Residential)
  • Salary Loading
  • Special Duties allowance (non-teaching)
  • Service Increment
  • Tiaki allowance (hourly)
Ministry approved
  • All Chatham Island allowances
  • Isolation allowance
  • Priority Teachers Supply allowance
  • Staffing Incentive allowance
  • New Zealand Sign Language allowance
  • Normal School allowance

Agreed-rate allowances

The following allowances do not have a set rate. For these allowances, complete the appropriate form to specify the rate.

  • Concurrence allowances
    Note: For concurrence allowances, also attach the Ministry of Education approval letter.
  • Higher duties allowances
  • Recruitment, Retention and Responsibility (RRR) payments (Secondary/Area schools)

Ministry approved allowances

A number of allowances apply only to teachers and principals employed in schools that the Ministry of Education identifies as requiring additional support for recruitment and retention and other special entitlements.

The following allowances must be approved by the Ministry of Education, which will also provide the details to Education Payroll.

School-based allowances

  • Priority Teacher Supply allowance
  • Area School Priority Teacher Supply allowance
  • High Priority Principals allowance
  • Area School High Priority Principals allowance
  • High Priority Teacher Supply allowance
  • Isolation allowance
  • Normal/Model School allowance
  • Staffing Incentive allowance
  • All Chatham Island allowances
  • Braille or New Zealand Sign Language allowance
  • Special Residential School Principals allowance
  • Special non-Residential School Principals allowance

Individual allowances

  • All principals' allowances (excluding those on the school-based list above and Principal Career Structure)
  • Caretakers Housing allowance
  • Protection allowances
  • Specialist Classroom Teacher and Specialist Teacher allowances
  • Relocation Grant
  • Voluntary Bonding
For more information about using EdPay to make changes to allowance changes see EdPay | Training | Allowances