Pay Ending report

The Pay Ending report shows employees whose job is due to end in the next 90 days, and who will not be paid after the job end date shown. It also shows employees who have left your school, but who have not been terminated.


Use the Pay Ending report to see whose job end date is within the next 90 days. The job end date is the end date loaded in EdPay for an employee's position. Take the required action for them, as follows:

If Then
If an employee’s job will be extended beyond the end date shown on the report Update the employee’s job end date by completing a Pay Details change in EdPay or submitting a NOVO2t form for teachers or a NOVO2nt form for non-teachers. Ensure this is done before the end date on the report.
If an employee is leaving your school when their occupancy ends Terminate the employee's job in EdPay or complete a NOVO6 form.
Some terminations can also be done in the End of Year screen, when it is available at the end of the year.
If an employee shows on the report who has already left your school Terminate the employee's job in EdPay or complete a NOVO6 form to do a retrospective termination. This generates any final pay due.


Lapsed jobs will be automatically terminated two pay periods after the employee's job end date.
A job will show as lapsed in EdPay if the employee's end date is in the past. It can still be extended at this point.


The Pay Ending report has a CSV file format. For information on this file format, see CSV and PDF file formats.

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The report can be downloaded at any time, as required.

It is recommended that you check this regularly, eg. when checking SUE reports. See Fortnightly pay.

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Download the report

In EdPay go to:

  1. Reports > Pay Ending Report

  2. Select Download CSV to download the report. 


There are no specific retention requirements for this report.

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