School Leave report

The School Leave report provides current information about leave entitlements, bookings and balances for employees at your school.

This report excludes relievers, community education employees, and out of hours music employees.


Use the School Leave report to check fortnightly leave data for each employee.

This report will help to approve leave requests and monitor employee leave, so that the operational needs of the school are balanced with individual needs of the employee, financial risk is minimized, and legal requirements are met. See Leave management for more information.


This report can be downloaded as either a CSV file or a PDF file.

  • Use the CSV file to manage your leave balances and help you to understand your school leave liability.
  • Use the PDF file for record keeping purposes. See Payroll record keeping.

For information on these file formats, see CSV and PDF file formats.


Only school-wide administrators and principals can download this report from EdPay. A duly delegated member of the board can request reports from the principal in the first instance, or via NZSTA if required.

It is recommended that the principal reviews this report each fortnight, uses it to approve leave, and keeps it for the school’s record.

Remember that leave management is an employer responsibility, which includes the school board. For detailed roles and responsibilities, see Leave management.


This report will be available on the Wednesday following the end of the pay period, ie. pay day. See Payroll calendar for dates.

The report is available at the same time as the payslips. However the sick leave balance on the payslips is generated on the previous Saturday, so may differ from the report if bookings are made between those dates.

Download the report

In EdPay go to:

  1. Reports tab > School Leave report 
  2. Select the pay period end date
  3. Click the file format (PDF or CSV) that you would like to download.

Reading the report

See How to read the school leave report for a description of the information in this report.


For guidance on legal requirements for keeping holidays and leave records, see Payroll record keeping.

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