Banking Staffing report

The Banking Staffing report shows staffing entitlement usage from Ministry of Education Teachers Salaries funding over the past nine pay periods, and a summary of usage for the school year to date. The report displays full-time teacher equivalent usage (FTTE) against entitlement.


Use the Banking Staffing report to compare the FTTE usage in the current pay period, as shown in the Staff Usage and Expenditure (SUE) report, with expected usage.

Look for significant differences between actual and expected usage, which may indicate errors. For more information, see Banking staffing.


The report is available in PDF only. For information about PDFs see CSV and PDF file formats.


Only school-wide administrators and principals can access this report. It is recommended that the principal reviews and signs off this report for each pay period.


This is a fortnightly report, available on the first day of each pay period.

Download the report

In EdPay go to:

  1. Reports tab > Banking Staffing
  2. Select the pay period end date of the period you want to view.
  3. Click PDF to download the report.


It is recommended that you keep checked and signed banking staffing reports until the year’s financial audit is completed. See Payroll record keeping


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To request a bank staffing adjustment go to the Ministry of Education's Bank staffing page and scroll to the Request for Banking Staffing Adjustments application form.

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