Authorised User report 

The Authorised User report lists all authorised EdPay users at a school and their access level.


Check this report regularly to ensure that only the people who are currently delegated by the board of trustees to carry out payroll administration tasks have access to EdPay and that their level of access is appropriate. Also check that access has been cancelled for authorised users who no longer require access or who have left the school.


This report is available in CSV format. See CSV and PDF file formats.


Only school-wide administrators and principals can access this report.

It is recommended that the principal signs this report to confirm that the authorised user list is correct.


This report can be run at any time as required.

Download the report

In EdPay go to:

  • Reports > Authorised User report
  • Select Download CSV

Actions to take

If... then...
An authorised user has left your school or no longer has a role for which they require access to EdPay Complete a EP5c form to cancel their access.
An employee or external contractor requires access to EdPay to perform duties as payroll administrator Complete a EP5 form to request authorised user access.
If the principal does not appear on the report Complete a EP5 form to request authorised user access.
Note: All principals must be authorised users, to ensure that they can fulfil their delegated management accountabilities, and manage their administrators’ pay.


It is recommended that you keep checked and signed Authorised User reports until that year’s financial audit is completed. See Payroll record keeping.

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