ACC EOY (Invoice to Schools)

The ACC EOY (Invoice to Schools) is an invoice to cover the ACC employer levy payable by the school for employees who are paid from Operational Grant (Bulk Grant) funding.


The ACC EOY Invoice shows the amount that will be deducted from the school’s bank account on the date shown. The levy is generally deducted automatically, so the school must ensure that sufficient funds are available on the direct debit date.

What does the invoice cover?

The ACC employer levy provides ACC cover for work-related employee injuries.

The invoice only covers the levy for employees paid from Operational Grant funding. The Ministry of Education will pay the ACC employer levy on behalf of schools for employees who are paid from MoE Teachers Salaries and Other funding.


The report is available in a PDF format only. For information on this file format, see CSV and PDF file formats.


Only school-wide administrators and principals can access this report.


This annual invoice is usually available in July or August, depending on when the ACC receives earnings information from Inland Revenue. An alert will be posted on the home page of this website to indicate that the invoice is available.

Download the invoice

In EdPay go to:
  1. Reports tab > ACC EOY report

  2. Select the required school year.

  3. Click PDF to download the invoice.


This invoice must be kept for seven years. See Payroll record keeping.

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