School Annual Accrual report

The School Annual Accrual report (SAAR) summarises salary and wage information from the SUE reports from 28 January to 27 January of the following year. This forms part of your school's annual financial statement.


The School Annual Accrual report is a core source document for the preparation of the school's annual financial statement. Schools check and certify the report to verify that the people named were employees of the board, and that the amounts paid to them are correct. This report shows:

  • Total earnings for all staff from 28 January to 27 January. 
  • Bulk Grant salaries, Teacher Salaries and Other salaries totals
  • Estimated ACC accruals for inclusion in the school's annual accounts
  • Annual earnings for the principal.


This report is available in a PDF format only. For information on this file format, see CSV and PDF file formats.


Only school-wide administrators and principals can access this report.


This is an annual report. 

Download the report

In EdPay go to:

  1. Reports tab > School Annual Accrual report > Select the year
  2. Choose PDF to download the report.


This report must be kept for seven years. See Payroll record keeping.

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