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Payroll responsibilities

The payroll responsibilities for a school are to:

Authorised user roles in EdPay

Some payroll activities require authorised user access. The responsibilities of individual authorised users will vary between schools. EdPay has the following authorised user roles:

  • The principal role can view and administer all staff records except their own. All principals must be authorised users, to ensure that they can fulfil their delegated management accountabilities, and manage their administrators' pay. See information for principals
  • There can be only one person at a school with principal access. If the principal is away for more than two weeks, and another employee is in an acting principal role, see appoint an acting principal for options to set up access.
  • The school-wide administrator role can view and administer all staff records except their own, and those of the principal, external administrators and other school-wide administrators.
  • The timesheet and leave administrator role has access to and can see and submit timesheets and leave.

Other administrator roles can perform specific tasks only:

  • Community education administrator
  • Out-of-hours music administrator
  • University administrator
For more information see authorised user access

Resolve a payroll matter

If you cannot resolve a payroll matter using information on this website, see contact us for the appropriate contact point.

Authorised users payroll information

Payroll administrators cannot alter their own pay details. Their pay must be managed by another administrator with higher access rights or by the principal.

EdPay does not allow any users at a school to alter a principal's salary details. Changes to a principal's payroll details must be submitted via form and the form must be authorised by the Board chairperson. 

Password security

Passwords for EdPay are like banking PIN numbers and should be treated in the same way. Do not share your passwords with anyone, especially not through unsolicited emails, calls or texts. Remember that EPL won’t ever email or text asking you for your password. Do not allow anyone to know or use your password. 

Authorised user email

Information sent from an authorised email address will be processed by the School Account Team as a valid payroll instruction. Do not allow anyone to access your email address.

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