Deferring automatic salary increments for support staff


Support staff who are eligible to receive annual automatic salary increments (auto increments) within the next 90 days will be listed on the Auto Increments screen. If no employees show on the screen, then your school does not have any employees who are due an auto increment in the next 90 days. Authorised users can defer increments within EdPay if needed, and these support staff will no longer appear in the Attestation report. 

Deferrals will show in the Activity History in EdPay. Please regularly check the Auto Increments screen, as increments can occur at different times of the year.

Teachers and other school employees who do not receive annual auto increments, need to be reviewed on the Attestation report and confirmed or deferred manually to Education Payroll.

Step 1 In EdPay go to My School > Administration > Auto Increments

Step 2 Support staff who are eligible for an annual increment in the next 90 days are under headings for their pay equity agreement.

EdPay displays their name, current grade and the date of their upcoming increment.

Step 4 To defer an increment for an employee, click the DEFER button, and a pop-up box will ask you to confirm that you want to defer the increment, click OK.

If an employee has already been deferred for the upcoming anniversary, their status will show as ‘Deferred’. Once an employee’s anniversary date has passed (see Increment Due column), they will no longer appear on the screen.

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