Individual Employment Agreement (IEA) change screen


Use this screen to:

  • send EdPay information about employees who have signed a new IEA
  • use the employee list to look up all relevant employees, and see who is on the previous IEA agreement
IEAs will be added to EdPay over time. If an IEA is not listed, please send changes on an EP22 form. See EdPay and forms

If the employee does not appear as expected, check their Job details screen to see if they are on the correct type of IEA.

You do not have to make changes for employees here unless they have signed a new IEA. For example, employees who did not sign the new IEA and are no longer working at your school may still appear in this screen. Make no changes unless they signed the new IEA before their role ended.

Step 1 Go to the administration page under My School tab, then select ‘IEA Change’ 

Step 2 Select the IEA that your employee has just signed, and this will open the dropdown list of employees. Look for the name of the employee in the list.

Step 3 Enter in the date that the employee signed the new IEA, as per their contract, and click SUBMIT. The status will show as ‘Submitted’ and display the date you entered.

Status column

Under the Status column employees will have one of these statuses:

  • Submitted: this means you have submitted the IEA update, and it’s waiting in our system to be processed. This is an automatic process; it is not carried out by payroll advisors. The employee’s Job Details page will still show the previous IEA agreement details.
  • Processed: this means that we have updated the employee’s new IEA details. It will show as updated in their Job Details screen, and they will be paid under the conditions of the new IEA on the next payday. Check your SUE report for details, including backpay.
  • Not Applicable: this means that the employee does not need an IEA updated, as they are already on the new IEA (eg they were a new hire that was set up on the new IEA automatically). You can see that the employee is already on the new IEA in their Job Details screen, and you can look up the information in their Job History tab.
If ... then
you can't see any employees under an IEA your school has no eligible employees for this IEA and no action is required. Every new IEA that is added to EdPay will show up for every school. If you are primary school, and don't have any secondary teachers, you will be able to select the IEA but the list will be empty.
you can't select the date you want check that the date you are selecting is after the promulgated date, which will be displayed after the name of the IEA.
check that you are not selecting a future date, as the employee must have already signed the agreement for you to update the details in the screen.
there are employees whose roles have been terminated appearing on your list if they did not sign the new IEA before they left the job, then you don't need to take any action for them in this screen. You only need to update employee details for people who have signed the new IEA. 

if they did sign a new IEA before their role was terminated, then you can enter the date they signed the new IEA. This will be processed, and they will receive any relevant backpay.