Completing forms

It is important that forms are filled in correctly. If a form contains errors or missing information, we will have to return the form to you to be completed, which may cause delays in processing payroll instructions for employees.

Download the form from the EdPay and forms page each time you need to complete a form. From time-to-time forms are updated on the website, so doing this ensures you are using the latest version of the form.

Save the form to your computer before filling it in

This ensures that the information you type in the form will be saved. You must complete all fields on the form that are marked with * (mandatory). If you don't do this, the form will be returned to you.

Software requirements

Most forms are PDF files, which you can fill in online. A PDF is a type of file that allows information to be easily shared between people with different computer systems.

It is best to type your information into the form, as handwritten information may be difficult to read, and may lead to errors. 

To open and edit the PDF forms correctly, you need the most recent version of Adobe Reader installed on your PC or Mac. See Software requirements for forms.

Use Microsoft Excel for annualisation forms

The annualisation forms (EP23nt and EP24nt) are Microsoft Excel files. The form requires version 2007 or later of Microsoft Excel, or Excel for Mac 2011.

Pay rates for support staff

When completing some forms for support staff, you must specify an hourly, weekly or annual rate, depending on their employment agreement. See Pay rates for support staff for the correct rate type to use.

Payroll codes

Our payroll code tables help you to determine the correct codes to use on forms. See Codes to help you select the correct codes to use.

Forms that require a signature

When signing forms, ensure the Name and Designation fields are also completed clearly.

Number Name


EdPay service authorisation for administrators


Cancel EdPay authorised user status


Statement of Service Request for Teachers

Note: The statement of service request must be completed and signed by the employee, but can be submitted by an authorised user at a school.

NOVO33 Deduction by school

All other forms will be processed without a signature, because they are considered authorised when emailed from an authorised email address. However, a school should hold a signed copy of these forms in its files for audit purposes.

What next?

When you have filled in a form, and had it signed if required, send it to the Education Payroll Service Centre. See Sending forms.

You should file copies of all of your completed forms. See Payroll record keeping.