Access and authorisation forms

Use these forms when you want to add or cancel an individual as an authorised user of the Education Payroll Service.

Important: before filling in the form, save it to your desktop or other location on your computer. This ensures that the information you type in the form will be saved.

For guidance when completing Forms, see our Completing forms page.

Number Name When to use this form
EdPay5 (PDF 1.18MB) Updated September 2021 EdPay Service Authorisation / Changes - to authorise an employee to administer schools' payroll data and information through the EdPay Service, including employees not paid by Education Payroll.
- to change an authorised employee's details.
- use EdPay to on-board any new staff member who will also complete your school's payroll work
EdPay 5C (PDF 1.8MB) Updated September 2021 Cancel  Service Authorisation To cancel employee access to the Education Payroll Service, so they can no longer administer payroll data and information online.

Remember to save the form to your computer before you fill it in.