Change or reverse a leave booking

Change or reverse leave by sending a NOVO12r form to the Education Payroll Service Centre.

To change leave dates or the leave code, you must advise on the NOVO12r to reverse the whole booking as it was originally entered, then re-book the leave with the correct information. (see the NOVO12r for instructions)

Note: If sick leave is changed to ACC leave, you must also submit the required documents. See Accidents and ACC leave.

Some employees can have their leave reversed in EdPay. 

If it is available for an employee to reverse leave in EdPay you will see a minus next to the name in the Leave dashboard on EdPay. For more information see the training page: Leave reversal 

View updated leave booking

If you have submitted a NOVO12r form you can view the updated leave booking in the EdPay Leave history screen as soon as the change request has been processed by your payroll advisor.

The employee's leave balance in the EdPay leave booking screen will reflect the change. The updated leave balance will also show in the next School Annual and Sick Leave report.

Record keeping

Retain a copy of any forms in the employee's file. See Payroll record keeping for guidance on keeping good records.

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