The qualifications that an employee has may affect their pay grade and step, and the allowances they are entitled to.

Teaching qualifications

A teacher who has gained new or improved qualifications can request a salary assessment. The Salary Assessment Unit arranges the change in grade and step and any payment of arrears. Education Payroll enters the details advised by the Salary Assessment Unit. The school can then see the teacher's qualification details in EdPay.

See Request a salary assessment.

Qualifications for non-teachers

Non-teachers may be eligible for a qualification allowance, in line with the terms of their employment agreement, if they have gained a qualification that is relevant to their current position. If an employee completes a relevant qualification, complete a NOVO2nt form to request the qualification allowance.


See EdPay and forms to download forms and for guidance on completing forms.

  • To request a salary assessment for a teacher who is new to teaching in the State sector, or who has not taught in the State sector for two years: NOVO7t - Salary Assessment for Teachers
  • To request a salary assessment for a current teacher who has received new, additional or improved qualifications: NOVO17t - New/Improved/Additional Qualifications for Teachers

Post the completed, signed form to the Salary Assessment Unit, together with certified true copies of the qualification and supporting documentation. See Certified true copy.

Salary Assessment Unit

Phone: 0508 668 6729 and choose option 3
Email: SalaryAssessment@novopay.govt.nz
Mail: Salary Assessment Unit, PO Box 3049, Wellington 6140

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