EdPay has been built to replace Novopay Online and smart forms. The Novopay Online portal was switched off completely on 20 October and Timesheets and leave were switched off on 6 October.

Forms that should now be completed in EdPay in the first section of the EdPay and forms page. If you are an EdPay Beta user, please continue to use your EdPay Beta login for those tasks. However, there are still some processes that require forms to be completed and submitted through the School Account Teams.

Consult the Smart Forms page for tips on how to get the most out of their use.

Valid payroll instructions must be sent in on the appropriate form. Do not send payroll instructions in the body of an email.

Click a link to download the required form:

  • EdPay and forms – use EdPay for timesheets, leave, new appointments, terminations and to advise of changes to an employee's payroll, KiwiSaver, funding, tax details and applying for a Māori immersion teacher additional allowance or Tutor teacher allowance.
  • Access and authorisation forms – use these forms to add or remove an authorised user of EdPay.
  • Salary Assessment Unit forms – use these forms to request a salary assessment, additional qualifications, service increments and childcare credits.
  • Banking staffing form – go to the Ministry of Education.
  • EdPay employee details form [PDF 1.2MB] – use this form to gather the information you need to add a new employee to EdPay (for school internal use only)

If you are having trouble downloading a form or need help to complete payroll instructions, contact the Education Payroll Service Centre.

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