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Frequently asked questions 

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What is a Smart form? Smart forms can be completed electronically by typing the data directly into the PDF, and then emailed to Education Payroll for processing.
Are all forms Smart forms?
No. Some forms still need a handwritten signature, some still need to be posted to us, while others use an excel spreadsheet. See EdPay and forms
If I'm sending a Smart Form through for myself, does my principal need to sign it?
Yes but we accept electronic signatures on Smart forms. You can email the Smart form to the principal who can type their name in the signature field.
How often will forms be updated? Forms will only be updated if there is a change in the information required, for example if there is a change in the law or employment agreements. If a form changes there will be an alert placed on our website.
Are the forms easy to complete? Yes. The forms are easy to complete. They are PDFs which you can edit on screen, and tab through the questions.

Many changes can now be made in EdPay without needing to submit a form. See EdPay and forms
How do we know what information is mandatory, for example ethnicity? The instruction sheet attached to the form tells you what is mandatory. Ethnicity is not mandatory information.
If we have a lot of forms to send can we email them in one lot?

No, please only attach can one form per email, and you don't need to write anything in the email. Some forms will allow entries for multiple employees. 

You will need to follow this format for the subject line:
Form number/school number/employee MoE number/s

In many cases it is preferable to enter your instructions into EdPay.

Is there a size limit on the files we can email to the Education Payroll Service Centre?

No. There is no size limit on the files you can email in, but we suggest a limit of 3 attachments per email. Large files may be blocked by your outgoing server and could delay processing at the Education Payroll Service Centre.

If you are processing a large number of files we suggest enter instructions straight into EdPay.

Where do I send forms to? You can email forms to - or post them to The Education Payroll Service Centre, PO Box 3049, Wellington 6140.
How do I add or change an employee's IRD number and tax code? You can use EdPay to make these changes. For training see: Employees details changes
For more information see: Tax codes
Can we get hard copies of forms? Yes forms are on the EdPay website and they can be printed. But many of the payroll instructions can be done in EdPay, which is much more efficient.
What happens if we send the wrong form - will we have to resubmit it? If the wrong form is sent you will have to submit a new one - the Education Payroll Service Centre will tell you which form is required.