Department codes

A department code is an account code that allows you to break down employees' funding into sub-groups.

Schools can decide whether to use department codes. If you choose to use them, it is recommended that you use the Ministry-approved department codes; however you can create additional codes for your school in Novopay Online.

Change an employee’s department code

Note: For retrospective changes, use the NOVO21 form.

To change an individual’s department code in Novopay Online:

My School tab > Employment Changes > Employee Changes >Change category: Funding/Department Code Change > Click Online

Create a new department code

To create a new department code in Novopay Online:

My School tab > Fund Management > Funding Indicator/Dept Code

The department code must consist of five digits (numbers not letters). Use a plain English description that others will understand, as this description will be used in reports.

You can run the General Ledger Accounts report for a list of the department codes that are in use at your school.

Note: A department code that you have created may show in the SUE report with a description that differs from the one you entered in Novopay Online. This is a known defect, and affects the SUE report only.


See NOVO forms to download NOVO forms, and for guidance on completing forms.

  • NOVO21 – Funding/Department Code Change

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