Annual leave

All employees are entitled by law to at least four weeks paid holidays per year. This is applied in different ways, depending on employment agreements. Check the relevant employment agreement for details of your employee’s leave provisions.

See Employment agreements (Ministry of Education website).

The NZ School Trustees Association can also help with understanding employment agreement details.

Non-teaching employees

There is different annual leave guidance for term-time only and 52-week non-teaching staff:

Annualised non-teaching employees

If a term-time employee has their pay annualised, their annual leave will be included in their annualisation agreement. Therefore, if they take leave not included in the annualisation agreement during a school term, with the exception of sick leave, the annualisation agreement will need to be revisited.

Note: If the employee takes consecutive leave without pay of more than 10 working days during the year, their annualisation agreement ceases. See Annualisation.


Teachers take their annual leave over the school vacation periods. They cannot book annual leave outside of this entitlement. If teachers take time off during term time, this must be taken as leave without pay or one of the leave types provided for in their employment agreement.

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