Annual leave for term-time only non-teaching employees

These employees are paid their annual leave entitlement at the end of the school year, usually in pay period 19. Annual leave taken during the school year, provided it is loaded into EdPay, is deducted from their annual leave balance before this payment is calculated. These employees cannot carry annual leave entitlements into the next year.

Check your employee’s employment agreement carefully for full details of their leave provisions. See Employment agreements (Ministry of Education website). The NZ School Trustees Association can also help with understanding employment agreement details.

Annual leave entitlements

Employees accumulate annual leave entitlements as specified in their employment agreement. Term-time only non-teaching employees receive their annual leave entitlement at the end of each year. The annual leave entitlement shows on the School annual and sick leave report.

Booking annual leave

Annual leave for term-time only employees cannot be booked in EdPay, you'll need to send a NOVO12 form to Education Payroll.  Use leave type code ALTTO (Annual Leave – Term Time Only Employee). 

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