Submitting timesheets

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You can use EdPay to submit timesheets for fixed term employees, permanent employees and day-to-day relievers.

Note: use NOVO13nt for casual employees, NOVO10 for OOHM, NOVO14nt for Adult and Community Education (ACE).

Step 1 On the My Employees page tick the box next to the employee(s) you are submitting timesheets for.

The blue plus icon will appear at the bottom right of the list.

Step 2 Click the blue plus icon then the timesheet icon to see the Timesheet details entry screen.

(timesheet icon)

Step 3 Enter all details into the TImesheet Details screen

Hours/Units = total hours our units

If you need to delete a booking, click on the minus icon, then the Remove button.

To copy a line, click on the copy icon. This will create a duplicated line for the same employee. Change details as required.

To add timesheets for additional employees, use the search or the drop-down list.

Step 4 Once submitted, you will the see the confirmation message.

Step 5 To see a record of the transaction go to the Activity history.

You can see a record of the transaction in the Timesheet History which lists all timesheets back to the start of the previous year.

The Timesheet Overview lists pending and paid timesheets for the current pay period.